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 SOR TypeSor NameSor DateDownload 
1 RoadSOR Road & Bridge 25.03.202225/03/2022 Download
Ammendment No.Ammendment DateSubjectDownload
120/06/2022SOR Item no. General note(3)/P-4,1.2,5.2,5.5,6.3,6.4,6.8,6.11,6.17,7.5,7.8,8.39,9.13,11.5 Download
2 RoadRoad& Bridge SOR 29.08.201729/08/2017 Download
Ammendment No.Ammendment DateSubjectDownload
923/11/2020A new Chapter (Chapter No.9) for pole shifting works is hereby addend in the SOR Download
825/01/2020Letter Dated 21/08/2018 Vide which the Clarification for rates of well sinking was hereby repealed. Download
717/01/2020Chapter No 6 Cement Concrete Download
628/11/2019Chapter: 4.0 sub-Bases , bases (Non Bituminous) and Shoulders Download
521/08/2018Item no. 12.11 of the SOR for Road & Bridge works. Download
401/08/2018Chapter 8 Traffic signs Download
314/03/2018General Notes for Roads and Bridges. Chapter 12.0 Foundations. Item no 12.11 is Amended Download
216/10/2017General Notes for Roads and Bridges Download
110/10/2017Change in Unit of Item no 7.5(i)&(ii) Download
3 RoadSOR Roads and Bridges -201606/06/2016 Download
Ammendment No.Ammendment DateSubjectDownload
115/06/2016Items in Chapter No 12, Foundation Item No 12.10, Chapter No 13 Sub Structure, Item no 13.6 Superstructure Item No 14.1 F are Modified Download
4 RoadSOR-201403/11/2014 Download
Ammendment No.Ammendment DateSubjectDownload
318/05/2016Rates of all the items of the SOR for Road Works ( Applicable from 02/11/2014) Download
203/11/2014Retes of the Items of the SOR are Modified Chapter 6,12,13,14 Download
103/11/2014Item No 3.12 of Chapter 3 "Earth work and Erosion control and Drainage" are deleted from SOR Download